3 Top E-Commerce Stocks to Buy Right Now

Investors often refer to it when they think of ‘top e-commerce stocks’ AmazonThis may make sense since they are pioneers and remain a force in the industry.

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That said, they may hate Amazon after seeing its growth that is e-commerce slow. Instead, a few of its peers that are overseas to grow rapidly, which could be a factor for investors to consider. Shopify (shop 0.05%), Free Market (Meri -1.13%)Also sea ​​limited (SE -2.35%) As a top that is new stock.

1. Shopify

Shopify is far more expected to succeed in a roundabout way due to the site that is e-commerce because of how it supports e-retailers. Yes, the company that is ottawa-based built its competitive advantage by giving a robust sales platform that will be easily customized by its clients.

However, Shopify also supports clients through its extensive ecosystem. Inventory management, payments, and financing services are around for these customers. Additionally, whether your customers need assistance storing, packing, or items that are shipping Shopify’s fulfillment arm can help.

These features have made Shopify the e-commerce that is top provider in america, with a 25% share of the market based on BuiltWith. Shopify Outperforms Website Building Platforms Wicks and WordPress plugin WooCommerce earn that distinction.

Indeed, The cost of building a fulfillment network has contributed to the ongoing company returning to the red. And Shopify’s stock plummeted nearly 80% from its all-time high as the technology bear market slowed growth that is e-commerce

But for many challenges, revenue in the 1st nine months of 2022 grew 20% over year to $3.9 billion year. Also, the selling price (P/S) ratio of 8.8 fell to its level that is lowest in a large amount years. Given Shopify’s growing influence, its ratings can make it important to get now. genius move.

2. Flea market

Like Shopify, MercadoLibre has found success in a ecosystem that is broad. An conglomerate that is argentinian a name this means “free market” has found success by bundling services made to address the initial challenges of accomplishing business in Latin America.

One in the key challenges will be the percentage of local residents that do not need bank account or charge cards. Its arm that is fintech Pago, is addressing this issue by offering a service that facilitates online purchases for cash-based customers. This also applies to Mercado Credito loans, which can calculate credit scores and provide loans to individuals and businesses.

In addition, Mercado Envios can store, pack and deliver goods. That segment can often offer same-day or delivery that is next-day a service not commonly available in that an element of the world.

Through this ecosystem, MercadoLibre generated nearly $7.5 billion in net revenue in the 1st nine months of 2020, up 52% ​​year over year. And as a result of efforts to support the price of net revenues, net gain surged 146% year-over-year to $317 million when it comes down to period.

Even The bear market

and has fallen more than half from its all-time high.

Still, a P/S ratio of 5 represents a modest recovery from an all-time low with that success. But MercadoLibre’s continued earnings that are rapid amidst all this work implies that this price decline might not last long.

3. Sea Limited

Another stock to take into consideration is Sea Limited, that has emerged as Southeast Asia’s MercadoLibre. Like its latin counterpart that is american it operates an e-commerce division, Shopee. Shopee has emerged as a leading site that is e-commerce Southeast Asia and expanded into his four markets in Poland and Latin America.Also, like MercadoLibre, the Singaporean conglomerate operates a business that is fintech. This segment, Sea Money, provides digital financial services in the market that is asianHowever, It differs from its peers in that it began with games and continues to operate Garena, a game publishing and development business. Garena became best known for his battle royale games

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the most games that are downloaded 2019 to 2021.

The Sea segment as one generated $9 billion in revenue in the 1st nine months from the up 34% year-over-year year. During that time, Garena’s revenue grew only 1% of his, but revenue from e-commerce and other services he soared by as much as 70%.

Still, the rise that is rapid expenses drove losses up 45% to nearly $2.1 billion throughout the period. And Sea Limited’s stock has fallen 75% this amid a tech bear market.Disclosure policyHowever year, the drop has pushed the P/S ratio just below 3, so losses may be more acceptable to some investors. And given that e-commerce and gaming will recover, Sea eventually Limited’s share price may possibly also reap the benefits of that recovery.

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, an Amazon subsidiary, is a known member regarding the Motley Fool’s board of directors. (*) He has got positions at MercadoLibre, Sea Limited and Shopify. The Motley Fool has positions and endorses Amazon, MercadoLibre, Sea Limited, Shopify and Wix.com. The Motley Fool recommends choices for an extended $1,140 Jan 2023 turn to Shopify and this short $1,160 Jan 2023 turn to Shopify. The Motley Fool has (*).(*)

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