Bank Of America Auto Loan Review (2022)

What is Bank of America Corporation (BofA)?

The roots of Bank of America Corporation may be traced returning to Amadeo Giannini’s founding of San Bank that is francisco-based of in 1904.

Through numerous mergers and acquisitions, BofA has become one of the largest institutions that are financial.

Today, BofA will be the 13th largest company in the field, along with 4,600 branches, 15,900 ATMs and 205,000 employees.

They offer new, used, and refinancing for vehicles under a decade old with very auto that is customer-friendly terms of 48 to 72 months.

what’s the difference between them?

They offer an easy online 3-step car loan process that allows you to quickly go through application, car selection, and loan financing.

Bank of America auto loan interest rates are very competitive if you choose your car through the vehicle service program that is online. (you may be able to take advantage of low-interest auto loans through the Preferred Rewards member program*)If you bank with BofA or are a member of MerrillLynch, a subsidiary of BofA. Today

How do Bank of America auto loans work?

Bank of America auto loans work the same as most banks. You can easily talk to a bank that is local officer or get your car loan approved online.

They offer a simple process that is 3-step boast of being capable of making the next car finance decision in one minute.

meet guidelines

First, you need to meet guidelines that are general applying. They are:

Must be 18 years of age or older, a resident that is current of U . S . or Canada, be used full-time, or perhaps in a position to prove an ensured fixed income of $1,000 or maybe more every month

Are you buying new or used?

You have to determine what version of financing you want. Do you need to buy a fresh or car that is used

Are you planning to refinance or are you considering a lease acquisition?

Once you know which option to use, you can proceed to the step that is next.

follow the process

put together documents

  • Here’s what BofA Corporation needs:
  • bank history
  • proof of income
  • proof of identity
  • insurance card
  • proof of residence
  • Vehicle information to get purchased

Current car registration (if you intend to trade in)

Please just remember that , this is simply a list that is general. BofA may need more or less information. Prepare at least the that is above

Application time (hard inquiry)

Now I meet the general requirements, I have all the paperwork, and that the dealer belongs to the BofA network, I apply.

A that I know Quick tip:

FICO lets you hunt for the auto loan rates that are best for thirty day period from the initial inquiry. In this grace period, you can easily make an application for an number that is unlimited of loans without any additional inquiries being recorded on your credit file.

At this point, your credit profile may be hit with a credit inquiry that is hard. recorded in your records.

It makes lots of sense in order to get a Bank of America letter that is pre-approval going to a dealer to buy a car.

Many studies have conclusively shown that getting a loan from a dealer is much more expensive than getting a loan before the purchase.

Check offer

Always check Bank of America Car Loans offers before purchasing.

In addition to your bank’s requirements, you should check the Bank of America car loan interest rates and whether you need a payment that is down a co-signer. Make sure to select the right offers!

look at everything

Remember that Bank of America automotive loans have their requirements that are own. Therefore, check the offer in as detail that is much possible.

Make sure you already know what you are actually paying and continue steadily to make reference to the offer that is original make sure nothing has changed between the time you accepted it and the time the loan was funded.

choose the best offers

If you choose an offer, the loan can be funded either by bank deposit, check or certificate.

Be sure to talk to your Bank of America Auto Finance loan officer about the date that is estimated the funds should be available.

According to customer reviews from Bank of America Auto Online, we might miss this date that is estimated.

Auto Credit Express Tools

bank of america auto loan interest rate boa auto loan interest rate 3 step process

Before starting the application process, we recommend you should understand that you check out some of the tools provided by Auto Credit Express to get a better idea of ​​your eligible loan amounts and costs.

Bank of America Auto Loan Calculator Before starting the car loan process, there are a few things. Bank of America car loan Calculator is a tool that is great. You need to know the interest that is current on Bank of America automotive loans. Bank of America’s car loan Calculator helps you decide how much you really can afford to pay and loan. Check Current Bank of America Auto Loan Interest Rates
First, check the interest rate chart. I put this below to show what the chart looks like. To see Bank that is current of car finance rates, just click here. current car loan rate of interest date 60 months new car
48 months new car 36 months old car June 15, 2022 4.56%
4.53% 4.84% June 8, 2022 4.53%
4.50% 4.81% June 1, 2022 4.58%
4.55% 4.86% May 25, 2022 4.61%
4.58% 4.89% May 18, 2022 4.59%
4.56% 4.87% May 11, 2022 4.32%
4.30% 4.72% May 4, 2022 4.20%
4.18% 4.57% April 27, 2022 4.47%
4.44% 4.73% April 20, 2022 4.38%
4.34% 5.84% April 13, 2022 4.22%
4.18% 4.48% April 6, 2022 4.21%
4.17% 4.47% March 30, 2022 4.12%



March 23, 2022




The chart above gives a concept of ​​the interest that is starting based on how long you need the loan.

As you can see, the longer it takes to pay the loan off, the bigger the rate of interest.

A longer repayment period will lead to lower premiums that are monthly but more interest.

rate estimate

see price

Once you know what your interest that is starting rate be, you can utilize the BofA Automatic Calculator to discover interest levels and payments.

In this task, find the loan type, amount borrowed, go into the credit type or credit that is actual, and then enter your zip code.

After completing this process, you will see three different APRs, Low APR, Average APR, and High APR.

You can use the APR that is average determine your monthly car notes.

Understand the car notes

This tool will allow you to recognize how much it is important to pay each based on your chosen loan term.

bank of america auto loan reviews Bank of America auto loan reviews are usually very negative.
Customer month reviews regularly report poor customer service and disarray that is organizational Bank of America’s auto finance division. Below are several of our own Bank of America car finance reviews.
As section of this review process, I read a lot of time of Bank of America car finance reviews. It isn’t really uncommon for large companies to own reviews that are negative but these were particularly troubling. If you look closely, you’ll notice that BofA’s customer service has been consistently disinterested in the issues they’ve caused, and only made the minimum effort necessary to fix them. It doesn’t take long.
One example is the number of complaints from people trying to clarify car loan rates. This was not included in the contract, but was forced to pay anyway. If you’re one of the lucky ones who don’t have to contact Bank of America customer service, you’ll probably have a experience that is great however if you come across problems in the process…
Below, we have now gathered the quintessential trusted customer Bank of America car finance reviews from Bank of America auto finance division sites such as for example Yelp, Google, and BBB. bank of america car finance reviews
customer average rating Average Yelp Review Rating
1.5 Average Google Reviews rating


bank of america auto loan bbbBetter Business Bureau Average Rating


Consumer Affairs Review Average Rating


best company review rating


Customer review average.evaluation2.5BofA Car finance BBB – Better Business Bureau it is often on file together with the Better Business Bureau since 1949.

Bank of America has an BBB that is a+ rating but has received 6905 complaints in the last three years.

Bank of America BBB’s complaints tend to be financially related to claims for non-contractual fees or claims for loan payments that continue to be debited from the customer’s account after they have been paid off.

see price

Bank of America BBB reviews generally point to a company that wants your business as long as everything is automated online. (*)BofA BBB reviews and customer complaints are taken seriously by the company it has an A+ BBB rating as most receive a response which is why. (*)take action on auto loan(*)hopefully you found this (*)B.(*)ank of america car finance review(*) Getting an auto loan may be complicated and time intensive if done wrong, therefore we often helps.(*)Now With you, there’s no reason to go without a car that you know your dealer is ready and willing to work. (*)Getting an auto loan can be section of establishing various kinds of trade lines which will help boost your credit history in time.(*)

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