Best Lending Club Alternatives for 2022

Online agencies like Lending Club is now able to approve and fund loans that are personal minutes. And you can afford to offer larger loans at lower interest rates.

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But since you don’t have to support a brick and mortar store Lending Club is not really the only one offering this type or kind of service. There are many alternatives to Lending Club for both personal loans and other banking/lending that is online.

See how Lending Club even compares to its competitors to find out that offer the most effective services and products.

lending clubWhat Is Lending Club

a lending is provided by it market where borrower loans are purchased by institutional investors. This allows Lending Club to offer a variety that is wide of at competitive rates. It’s been in operation since 2007 and currently has a 4.57/5 rating. lawsuit website.

That said, in July 2021, Lending Club settled the FTC to its lawsuit,

Lack of transparency regarding loan origination fees and false endorsement guarantees.

what are the services they provide? Loans are the service that is main by Lending Club. personal loan
Accion Opportunity Fund (Business Loan) SBA loan loan amount $1,000 – $40,000
$5,000 – $500,000 up to $15 million repayment terms 36-60 months
12-60 months up to twenty five years April 8.3% – 36%
5.99% or even more Unpublished commission Loan fees of 2% to 6% associated with the amount borrowed
origination fee Guarantee fee, annual fee, prepayment penalty. requirement good credit or co-borrower

1 year business with annual sales of $50,000

FICO credit rating of 660

  • Lending Club is a preferred small company Administration (SBA) lender.
  • In addition to personal and business loans, LendingClub offers a variety of services such as for instance:
  • personal banking account
  • Patient solutionsbusiness banking account

Automatic refinancing loan matching service – Loan programs offered through medical institutionsπŸ‘‰ Note: in advance of 2021, Lending Club will

peer-to-peer lending

market. The forex market allows people to spend money on loans provided by Lending Clubs.

In Other words, you can invest $200 in another person’s $10,000 loan and receive the interest and money when the loan is paid off.

Lending Club closed this open marketplace at the end of 2020.

  • Who is Lending Club Best For?
  • The people who will benefit that is most from a relationship with Lending Club are:
  • credible person
  • If you intend to add a joint borrower

Big companies in search of big loansIndividuals who would like to keep their loans and checking accounts in identical placelending club


It tends to be your best option for these in search of a top value unsecured loan, people that have woeful credit, or those people who have a completely start up business.

  1. start-upbest rental club optionsWith that in your mind, let us talk about Lending Club’s top four competitors.
  2. one major financial – Great for low credit
  3. Sophie – Great for customer support
  4. prosper – Great many different lending/banking products


Great for peer-to-peer lending

When choosing a Lending Club alternative, search for competitors that provide a set that is similar of and/or competitors that beat Lending Club in at least one area (i.e. personal loans for individuals with low credit ) was considered.

While we focus on lenders that offer personal loans, we also look at other products and services they offer and compare these products using criteria that are uniform as interest levels and repayment terms. Compare Lending Club Alternatives Company Products and services loan limit
APRs and Fees review lending club
Personal Loans, Business Loans, Medical Loan Alliances
$40,000 in unsecured loans
$65,000 in medical loans
$5 million in operation loans
8.3% – 36% Individuals
4.6/5 BBB
5.99% + Business 3.99% – 30.99% Medical start-up
personal loans, business loans, auto refinance
$50,000 for unsecured loans
$200,000 for business loans
1.2/5 BBB
5.6% Individuals Commercial and Auto Repair Private one major financial personal loan 2.8/5 BBB
$20,000 18% – 35.99% Sophie
Student Loans, unsecured loans, home mortgages, Loan Matching Services
$100,000 for unsecured loans
No education loan Limit
7.99% Individuals
1.2/5 BBB
2.99% students 5.372% Mortgage prosper Personal Loans, HELOC & P2P Lending

6.874% Herlock

Up to 33%+ Individual

startup company logo

πŸ† Great for these with low credit

1. Startups

Upstart, which bills itself among the first lending that is AI, claims it can approve loans with less risk of default from partner banks. This allows them to offer loans at competitive interest rates to a wider range of customers (low credit, no credit).

πŸ’Έ Pricing and Features Upstart offers three types of loans: personal loans, car refinance loans, and business loans. Personal
auto reference work Loan scope $1000 – $50,000
$9,000 – $60,000 $5,000 – $200,000 repayment terms 36 months or 60 months
24-84 months 12 months minimum( interest that is*)annual*)5.6% – 35.99% Unpublished
Unpublished commission Outgoing fee possible free

Outgoing feeminimum credit scoreFor unsecured loans and automatic refinancing, Upstart supports a number of credit and income situations.their

the necessity is 300 and you might be approved without a credit score. And also, even self-employed people can use for a financial loan.

Not most people are approved for a minimum credit score that is low. Your authorization and her APR are determined based on banking history and other data that are alternativeFor Year their business loan, your business must have been in existence for at least one. personal guarantee

loan. This means that if the ongoing company does not repay the borrowed funds, you may be personally accountable for the mortgage.

πŸ‘‰ How can it compare with Lending Club?

  • There are very areas that are few Upstart excels when compared to Lending Club. Also this interest that is:
  • low on unsecured loans
  • Increase in amount borrowed for unsecured loans

High approval rate if you have low credit

Automatic reset option However, in terms of business loans, Lending Club beats Upstart with additional loan options and better loan amounts.


One major financial logo

one major financialGreat for customer support 1400 or more2. One main* that is financial( is a lender of

Real stores nationwide.The institution has one focus that is main of unsecured loans which aren’t strictly determined by fico scores.⚠️ their pagewarning:

It is worth noting that the BBB posted an alert

To warn customers about recent attempts by scammers to steal funds from some people’s accounts according to the guise of just one Main Financial.

πŸ’Έ Pricing and Features One Main Financial offers 2 kinds of credit products: unsecured loans and bank cards. personal loan
brightway bank card BrightWay+ bank card Loan amount/credit limit $1,500 – $20,000
up to $500 up to $3000 repayment terms 24, 36, 48, or 60 months
β€” β€” April 18% – 35.99%
26.99% 26.99% commission Origination fee (flat rate or percentage of amount borrowed)

Annual fee as much as $65various reasons$0

Personal loans supplied by One Main Financial are

debt consolidation, home improvements, and also vehicle purchases.

One Main Financial offers 2 kinds of bank cards made to assist you to grow your credit. You are given by the card 1% cash back on all purchases and allows you to increase your credit limit or decrease your APR every 6 months of due payment.

  • πŸ‘‰ How does it compare to Lending Club?
  • The key area where One Main Financial beats Lending Club is in serving people with low credit.

Loans are offered to those with poor credit

Credit cards are also available for those who want to increase their credit

Additionally, having a store that is physical a high degree of customer support, which will be reflected into the overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The downside would be that One Main Financial has a lot higher interest levels and lower loan values ​​when in comparison to Lending Club.

SoFi Logo

πŸ† Ideal for various lending/banking productsSophie3. Sophie

Back in 2012,

started student that is offering refinancing and has since grown to offer a variety of services including loans, mortgages and investment accounts.

Sofi is a one-stop-shop that is self-proclaimed your entire financial needs and contains over 4 million members.

πŸ’Έ Pricing and Features Sofi offers a range that is wide of and refinancing options including personal loans, student loans and home loans. personal loan
student loan mortgage loan amount $5,000 – $100,000
$1,000 or more (no cap) $100,000 or more repayment terms 24-84 months
5, 7, 10, or 15 years 10, 15, 20, or 30 years April 7.99% or more
2.99% – 13.35% 5.372% or more commission free


  • Lender fees and 3% minimum down payment
  • In addition to the loans mentioned above, Sofi offers the following products and services:
  • student loan referee
  • Auto loan referral matching service
  • Bank accounts
  • Business loan matching service
  • investment account
  • credit card

Insurance matching service

crypto trading

  • πŸ‘‰ How does it compare to Lending Club?
  • Sofi defeated Lending Club by:
  • Wider range of products and services
  • high personal loan

More flexible repayment terms

Reduce loan feesUnfortunately, Sophie does not offer small business loans like Lending Club does. Instead, we offer a business loan service that is matching


prosperity logo

prosperGreat for peer-to-peer lending

4. thrive

is an lender that is online offers a variety of loans and lines of credit. Founded in 2005, it has lent over $21 billion.

Prosper is also one of the last lending that is peer-to-peer prepared for retail investors. This investment platform allows the public that is general fund loans, not just big banks.

πŸ’Έ Pricing and Features Prosper offers three types of credit: Personal Loans, Home Equity Credit (HELOC) and Credit Cards. personal loan
Home Equity Line of Credit credit card Borrowing amount/credit limit $2,000 – $40,000
$50,000 – $500,000 or 90% of the value of your home $500 – $3000 repayment terms 24-60 months
Decade β€” April Up to 33%+
from 6.874% 21.24% – 32.24% commission 1% – 5% origination fee( cost that is*)closing*)Annual fee $39

In addition to financial products, Prosper supplies the following services: peer-to-peer investmentThe program allows people to purchase a percentage of a borrower’s loan. For instance, if someone borrows $10,000 they can buy $200.

When the borrower repays the loan, you receive a portion of the payment from her. As long as the borrower repays the loan in full, they will receive a portion of the investment interest plus amount.

Investors will start as little as $25 and spend money on multiple loans at a time. ☝️ Note:

This investment choice is currently only obtainable in 30 states.

πŸ‘‰ How can it compare with Lending Club?

Prosper offers loans that are personal interest rates and credit requirements similar to Lending Club.

Where Prosper excels is the peer-to-peer investment marketplace, Lending Club, a service closed to retail investors in 2020.

However, we recommend sticking with Lending Club.Conclusion

When looking for alternatives to Lending Club, it’s important to keep in mind why Lending Club isn’t a good fit if you are looking for a business loan. another lenderyour


Need A loan that is personal your credit is low?then upstart or may be a better choice.Would you like a loan service that is face-to-face? The other Main Financial can be a significantly better choice.

I are unable to say which moneylender is the better. However, evaluating Lending Club and its particular alternatives makes it possible to choose which lender is the best for you. (*)For you(*).(*)

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