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Founded in 2019, SeedFi offers credit building and loan products to individuals with poor or no credit and income that is potentially limited.

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SeedFi offers two products. Credit Builder Prime is a credit builder loan and Borrow & Grow is a hybrid of personal and credit builder loans. All SeedFi products are designed to provide borrowers with both credit and cash on hand. All you have to do is make the payment on time.

This SeedFi review will help you decide if these products are right for you!

Strong Points

Saving and credit that is building the exact same time

Borrow & Grow gives immediate cash

We provide loans and help put up emergency funds

Build credit at low priced and low risk


Borrow & Grow loans have higher rates of interest than many other credit builder loans

$10,000 annual take-home pay money for Borrow & Grow

It might take a couple of days to get the money

Users receive only a percentage with the Borrow & Grow amount borrowed up front

What is SeedFi?

SeedFi provides financial services to borrowers without any credit rating or credit-damaged borrowers.

it’s a business that is perfectly respectable*)in addition to the District of Columbia, has direct relationships with several banking institutions. Licensed in 32 StatesSeedFi reports payment history to all three credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

How SeedFi works

SeedFi offers two loan that is different. Both products have a savings component, allowing borrowers to begin credit that is building saving at the same time.

credit Builder*)Credit that is prime Prime is

Available without a credit check, it really is a perfect selection for all those who have not even established a credit builder loanThis plan provides customers with a regular $500 loan. The cash is immediately utilized in your family savings and remains there through to the loan is repaid.

Borrowers can pick to cover between ten dollars and $40 per payday. The expression with the loan will depend on the total amount of the installments, the bigger the repayment amount, the shorter the word with the loan. The payment schedule matches the client’s payroll cycle. The amount that is full be available once the loan is paid off.

Unlike many credit builder loans,

SeedFi does not charge interest or fees. Flat $1 fee( that is monthly) will likely be deducted from your own payment. This permits you to definitely build credit for as little as $12 a out-of-pocket.In year Credit Builder Prime,

Continuation of credit builder loanOnce the loan that is first paid back, the cash can be utilized in one minute account which you can use. Yet another $500 can be credited into the account that is first the payment will continue. Once that $500 is paid, the cycle repeats.With this system, you can maintain a recurring installment loan that pays your credit report on time and saves you $20 to $80 per month with a $1 fee that is monthly. This escalates the odds of building credit for your project. The account stays open and has now an extended credit rating.

☝️ a account that is closed less impact on your credit than an open account!

SeedFi offers some flexibility if you’re having financial troubles. If you are 29 days late without contacting customer service, SeedFi assumes difficulties that are financial automatically closes your bank short

SeedFi will not ever report payments that are late credit bureaus. eligibility criteria

To qualify for Credit Builder Prime, you must:

Be a resident of a state in which SeedFi is licensed to operate.

  • Be 18 years of age or older, or 19 years of age or older in Nebraska and Alabama.
  • Enter your date of birth and security that is social.
  • Provide A phone that is verifiable and email address.
  • There are electronic payment options.
  • ⚠️ Please note that there are individual differences in the effect. Using Credit Builder Prime does not guarantee a higher credit score. While it’s important to pay your bills on time, other factors, such as your performance on other credit accounts, can affect your credit score.
SeefFi Credit Builder Prime Plan

Plan to borrow and grow

A Borrow & Grow Plan is a hybrid of a credit builder loan and a loan that is personal.

Receive cash upfront and deposit one minute add up to your SeedFi locked accountWe make payments every single other week and also the deposit amount is released after the total amount has become paid.This plan provides you with access that is quick some of the loans, and the loan amount can be well over $500. The Borrow & Grow Plan charges interest instead of a fee that is flat. A credit that is soft is also required.

Time required for funding: 1 – 2 business days

  • Loan term: 5-44 months
  • Estimated Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 6.25% – 29.99%
  • Loan amount: $300 – $4000
  • Savings: $650-$4000
  • Payment $40 – $60 every 2 weeks
  • Here is an example of a Borrow & Grow loan with instant access to $2,000.

Loan amount

$4,000 – Access now
– $2,000 – Save later
– $2,000 payment
$80* April
26.99% plan length
33 months loan fee
$1,670( payment that is*)total*)$5,670 * 70 bi-weekly payments of $80 and something final payment of $70
Payments are designed twice 30 days and synced together with your payment schedule, working for you avoid late fees as much as $15. Apart From That, there are not any fees! 💡 Borrow & Grow loans are a alternative that is great payday loans due to their low cost and relative ease of access.

eligibility criteria

To qualify for the Borrow & Grow Plan you must:

Have a minimum take-home that is annual of $10,000.

A Minimum credit score of 520 is required, but individuals with.
  • You can be applied by no credit Must be a resident of a continuing state where SeedFi is licensed.
  • 18+ or 19+ in Alabama and Nebraska.
  • Enter your social security number and date of birth.
  • Maintain a bank that is valid.
  • I have a cell phone that allows texting.
  • one building plan
  • This is a debt consolidation loan plan developed by SeedFi. The purpose of this plan is to establish credit and simplify bill payments by consolidating accounts that are multiple one.

SeedFi Borrow & Grow Plan

With this plan of action, it is possible to combine multiple debts into one loan with fixed monthly obligations, usually at a interest rate that is low. Used judiciously, a debt consolidation loan can help you save on interest and accelerate your debt repayment.

This plan works by providing loans to pay off all other debts. Simply make a payment to there seedFi from.

There is no statement that is official SeedFi regarding the specific terms of this product or when this product will be available to customers.

SeedFi Customer Reviews

SeedFi Rating

Most are positive and stand firm

4.8/5trust pilot When A+ Above website. Most of the reviews praised SeedFi’s customer care service, highlighting how easy and convenient it is to use.Better Business BureauHowever, some reviews that are negative that the firm isn’t really always straightforward with the way it handles customer accounts.

The greater part of SeedFi’s customers report that their customer care service providers explain SeedFi’s thoroughly services and that their loans are processed quickly and efficiently. Some reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with product features or the loan cancellation process.

SeedFi Positive Customer Reviews

Newer Companies often run into some presssing problems with both their technology as well as their customer support systems. The reviews that are generally strong that these cases are rare, but it should be noted that they do occur.

Negative SeedFi Customer Reviews

SeedFi Alternatives

Many credit unions and community banks offer credit builder loans. Several lenders that are national offer these loans.


For example, both offer credit builder loans.high credibilityOn one other hand, SeedFi’s $ cost that is 1/month much lower than the cost of both of these competitors. Additionally, SeedFi is one of the first companies that are large offer “credit builder” loans that provide “access now.” These loans meet critical need for affordable financing when it is needed by you. self⭐️ Detailed price comparison and guide on how to choose the best option


Naturally, individuals with good credit have other options. SeedFi caters to individuals without access to credit and provides service that is excellent. Best credit builder loan..

Compare SeedFi to competitors that are major Strong and Self.To understand how these costs compare, all Alternative to High Interest Titles or Payday Loans.

render/planFactors Affecting the Cost of Credit Builder Loansadvance payment

Maximum loan amount Setup fee period (months) April* credit builder prime $0
$500 $0 7 – 27 4.03% – 5.26% borrow and grow Up to $4,000
$7,000 $0 8 – 44 6.95% – 29.99% high credibility $0
$10,000 $8.95 – $25 12 to 120 5.85% – 14.89% self $0
$1,663 $9 12 – 24 15.65% – 15.97% 💡 Before we start comparing costs, .

Is SeedFi worth it?How credit builder loans workSeedFi loans are affordable and easy to repay

They leave money in your savings account and help you reach your goals that are financial

SeedFi’s goods are aimed towards a market that is specific people with no or low Builder* that is prime( it includes comfortable access, low priced credit building products but also leases to borrowers to convey savings.

This is a option that is great people with no credit score or thin credit files who want to add the account to their credit history.. ⚠️ it, the impact may be less visible.

of if you have a more complex credit history and are looking to repair your credit rather than build

Plan to borrow and grow By combining credit building and savings with readily cash that is available can be used to meet immediate financial needs, A solid alternative to expensive payday and title loans.SeedFi provides an easy-to-use, low-cost, low-risk credit building option. These are solid options for adding installment loans to your credit history and building a payment that is strong.

How SeedFi is evaluated

We evaluate credit building products by comparing key features to similar products. The products are rarely identical and needs to be compared closely to find out what type best suits your preferences.

These would be the criteria used here.


It’s never possible to accurately predict the impact a account that is new have on your credit score. People with a credit that is weak can be affected significantly more than those with a solid credit history.
We gave SeedFi a effectiveness that is positive because it is reported to all three credit bureaus and the Credit Builder Prime product eliminates the possibility of late payments.

ease of use

Different users often have different experiences with a product. New products may have glitches that break the experience for some users. Some other users may have issues with the product that they don’t fully understand. Rank usability step-by-step that is using and cross-sections of reported user reviews.

SeedFi goods are not free, however they are generally less expensive than the competitors that are leading.

Nothing works perfectly on a regular basis. Support scores depend on reported user experiences.

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