Here Are All 19 Stocks Warren Buffett Has Bought Since 2022 Began

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A 1.72%) (BRK.B 1.47%) CEO Warren Buffett know a little bit about investingSince the helm was taken by him in 1965, Berkshire Hathaway’s Class A shares (BRK.A) have generated a 3,641,613% return. That’s 120x his benchmark. S&P 500including dividends paid during the period that is same to 31 December 2021).

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The 2022 bear market has lead to many nail-biting among Wall Street pundits and investors that are everyday but Oracle of Omaha is using the downturn as an opportunity to generate tens of billions of dollars for his company. invested an army of money. Investors know this thanks to 13F filing Berkshire’s quarterly operating report.

Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Image Source: The Motley Fool.

Warren Buffett will buy more in 2022

13F is a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that allows investors to take a closer look at asset managers with $100 million or more in assets under management that traded in the most quarter that is recent. 13F details at the least his six-week trading that is old, but successful money like Buffett can give investors clues about the stocks and trends that have piqued his manager’s interest. .

Since the beginning of the year, Berkshire has purchased 19 shares in 2022, according to three 13F filings and three reports that are quarterly. The amount near to each company represents the number that is total of purchased this year.

  1. Occidental Petroleum (oxy 4.57%): 194,351,650 shares purchased
  2. chevron (CVX 2.57%): 127,114,282
  3. HP (HPQ 0.75%): 104,476,035
  4. Paramount Global (for 3.35%): 91,216,510
  5. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM 3.26%): 60,060,880
  6. city ​​group (Ha 0.92%): 55,155,797
  7. activision blizzard (ATVI 1.44%): 45,483,745
  8. Ally Financial (Ally 1.35%): 30,000,000
  9. Celanese (CE 4.53%): 9,710,183
  10. apple (AAPL 1.47%): 7,666,765
  11. louisiana pacific (LPX 4.02%): 5,795,906
  12. formula one group (FON.K 2.43%): 5,603,705
  13. floor and decoration (FNDMore 2.55%): 3,936,291
  14. Mackeson (MCKMore 2.42%): 3,198,344
  15. RH (RH 2.71%): 543,453
  16. Markell (MKL 0.59%): 467,611
  17. Jefferies Financial (Jeff 1.57%): 433,558
  18. general motors (GM 1.14%): sold 10,000,000 net shares (2,045,846 shares purchased in Q1, 9,168,488 shares sold in Q2, 2,877,359 shares sold in Q3)
  19. Berkshire Hathaway: BRK.A strain 6,818 shares, BRK.B strain 6,850,133 shares

Oracle of Omaha is betting big on energy

One of the most spectacular changes in buying behavior this year is what Buffett is attention that is paying. energy stocksEnergy stocks haven’t ever exceeded 8.9% of Berkshire Hathaway’s invested assets this century before 2022. Energy stocks taken into account 12.1% of his investment portfolio in the company at the conclusion of the quarter that is third

Only two stocks make up this energy that is massive: Chevron and Occidental Petroleum. Keep in mind that Berkshire also owns his ten bucks billion in preferred stock in Occidental, so Buffett’s wager on this sector is clearly a little bigger than his 12.1% advertised on his 13F for the organization. please.

The logic behind this bet is the fact that crude oil and gas that is natural far above the historical average for years. As energy companies cut capital spending across the board during the pandemic that is COVID-19 enhancing the method of getting energy commodities to generally meet the surge sought after could prove difficult. Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine will only complicate matters.Better navigate oil and gas price volatilityChevron february and Occidental are also integrated energy companies. In addition to margin that is high, it operates midstream and/or downstream assets for example chemical plants and refineries.Consolidation can help these firms

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Technology is my found that is new love of Omaha and his team were never big North of Taiwan Semiconductor’s 60 million shares But that is starting to change. In addition to his addition to Apple, which makes up his 40% of Berkshire Hathaway’s nearly $346 billion investment portfolio as of last weekend, Buffett has more than 104 million shares in his HP, Activision Blizzard’s He has overseen the purchase of over 45 million shares.

(also known as TSMC) this Berkshire’s big bet on Apple extendswhy year technology? First, technology stocks have now been hit hardest into the 2022 bear market. Buffett knows that technology has a brief history of outperforming in protracted bull markets, and may also be setting the organization up to make money from the following long-term expansion that is economic

Second, the acquisition of Taiwan Semiconductor can be seen as follows.

TSMC is the provider that is exclusive of chips that Apple uses with its products. If Buffett is adamant that Apple’s innovations will boost sales and profits, it’s wise any particular one for the company’s major chip suppliers would benefit.Collect over $6 billion in dividend incomeAnd also third, Buffett often can’t turn down when he sees value that is good. HP, a computing that is personal printing solutions company, could be bought for about seven times Wall Street’s projected earnings in 2022. – flow generation. HP used its cash that is abundant flow increase its dividend and buy back its common stock.

Dividend stocks are often popular( thing that is*)Another notice is that most of the 19 stocks Buffett and his investment team bought in 2022 pay regular dividends.Over the next 12 months, Berkshire Hathaway will bank stocks.

Income stocks lagged growth stocks when rates were at or near historic lows, but now is the time that is perfect dividend stocks to shine. Firms that pay regular dividends are often profitable, have an established track record, while having a knack for outperforming stocks that do not pay dividends for many years.Streaming Subscribers Continue to RiseFinancial center bank Citigroup, as an example, analyzed an inflation-fighting 4.2% yield at the time of last weekend.nevertheless The Fed’s historic shift in monetary policy is news that is good given the risk of increased loan delinquencies and charge-offs if the US economy plunges into recession. With the country’s central bank interest that is rapidly raising, banks holding variable rate loans should benefit into the kind of increased net interest income.High payouts can also be why Buffett along with his team piled into media stock Paramount Global. Paramount happens to be paying a top yield of 5.1%.To maintain this dividend that is huge Paramount

Also, future theatrical offerings

Top Gun: MaverickIf you haven’t made this point home many times.Approved $63.1 billion buybackBuffett’s own company is still his stock that is favorite not least –

— There isn’t any stock that Buffett likes significantly more than their own company, Berkshire Hathaway. Including his $1.04 billion worth of Class A shares purchased into the quarter that is third Buffett and his right-hand man Charlie his Munger Leads to higher earnings per share Berkshire Hathaway stock value since July 2018.

The repurchase of Berkshire’s common stock serves a variety of purposes. For example, reducing the number of shares outstanding helps shareholders that are existing become greater people who own the business enterprise.

In addition to the, stock buybacks make companies with stable or growing income that is net more fundamentally attractive.If the company has a low number of shares outstanding, this Sean Williams.Disclosure policyAnd finally, a very message that is clear Buffett is prepared to bet big from the long-term outperformance of his company and investment portfolio. Most stocks in Berkshire’s investment portfolio and about 50 firms that Berkshire has acquired are cyclical. Buffett’s investment portfolio is close to certain to build wealth as time passes, as periods of economic expansion last a lot longer than recessions or recessions.

Citigroup and Ally are advertising partners for all the Motley Fool’s Ascent. (*) i actually do n’t have any positions in almost any in the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool has positions in and recommends Activision Blizzard, Apple, Berkshire Hathaway (B shares), HP, Jefferies Financial Group, Markel and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing. The Motley Fool recommends McKesson and RH and recommends the subsequent options: A $265 turn to Berkshire Hathaway (B shares) and a $130 call that is short Apple in March 2023. The Motley Fool (*).(*)

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