How to Endorse a Check for Mobile Deposit

With the invention of remote deposit collection,¹ now you can deposit checks out of your smartphone without stepping foot inside the bank. Here is just how to endorse a deposit that is mobile:

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Confirm check information

Before signing the back of the check, review the information on the front.

Make sure the payee’s name (your name) is spelled correctly and the check amount is correct. Also, some banks will accept expired checks (more than 6 months old),² Check the presssing issue date and make certain the check is certainly not too old.

If the check is missing information or has a mistake, please contact the one who wrote the check and get these to give you a check that is new.

Find a recommended area

After reviewing the information on the front of the check, turn it over. A heading is had by the approval section like “click the link for approval checks”. All checks might look different, nonetheless they will often have 3-5 lines that are gray the approval area where you can sign or write.

provide a signature

Most checks have a label at the bottom of the authorization area that reads, “DO NOT WRITE, STAMP, OR SIGN BELOW THIS LINE. RESERVED FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS.” Make sure it fits within the area (gray line).

Include Limited Endorsements

Once you have located the approval section, use a black or ink that is blue to sign your name. Most banks need you to include a authorization that is limited as “mobile deposits only” under your signature. If you don’t write this, your bank might reject your mobile deposit.

Check your bank’s mobile deposit policy ahead of time, since the wording that is exact vary by financial institution. Instructions for limited endorsements are mobile app When making check that is mobile.

check for errors (it to your mobile banking app, check the authorization section for any errors*)Before you take a photo of your check and upload. Look for misspelled or information that is inaccurate could cause your bank to decline or delay your deposit.

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