Inside the Evander Kane bankruptcy: ‘A vicious cycle of loan after loan’

2017, then-

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He owes $140,000 to a bookie he went under the pseudonym “Vinny” and $100,000 to a casino. To make his payments, etc., he frequently borrowed from his friends and lenders that are numerous

Those details were revealed in a court motion week that is last his chief creditor, Centennial Bank, who wants to block bankruptcy to prevent Kane from getting back out of debt. The motion includes excerpts from a July deposition in which Kane has a history of borrowing tens of millions of dollars to pay off loans and other debts bookmakers that are involving is outlined.edmonton oilersCentennial is just about to get right to the heart of a single of the most extremely high-profile bankruptcy that is athlete of recent years. With over $50 million in career earnings and tens of millions of dollars in debt, what happened to that money? We’re on the way,” a lawyer that is centenary Kane at the beginning of the bankruptcy proceedings, during a so-called 2004 trial. bank movements.filed his petitionCentennial apparently declined to comment through certainly one of its attorneys, but has yet to reply.



Nearly 2 yrs ago, he listed $10.2 million in assets and $26.8 million in liabilities, many of which were bank debt that is recent. But between 2014 and 2018, Kane also owed about $30 million in 16 separate transactions detailed in Centennial attorney Andrew Gekas’ proclamation, the proceeds of which were often earlier It was used to repay or abolish the loan.

In the bank’s motion, the lenders wrote that since 2014, Kane has entered into 24 individual loan agreements.

According to partial transcripts included as materials for the Centennial motion, Kane said in a July 6 deposition that “it was a cycle of just taking out new loans to pay off existing loans.” Stated. And Kane, referring to the company that is financial held to consolidate his debts, added: A vicious cycle of loan after loan these people were in a position to put me in.

Sure Sports, which focuses on contract-based loans to athletes and it is being sued by U.S. bankruptcy trustees because of its role in Kane’s bankruptcy, declined to comment.

One from the questions Centennial repeatedly posed to Kane within his July 6 interview was, while explaining that the majority of his current debt has arisen to exchange high-interest loans, these previous so-called What were the money that is hard loans used for?

Kane also testified that he had borrowed over $2 million from friends, and that those debts were incurred on various occasions to pay off mortgages, loans from others, and gambling debts. He testified he owed $320,000.

Kane that he purchased $9,000 in Pokemon cards as a form of payment to Tony Veltri, whose bankruptcy filing states spent ten bucks million on real estate and listed nearly $100,000 a in expenses in his January 2021 bankruptcy filing month. He also cited a gambling loss of $1.5 million, but in a move to block the bankruptcy filing, Centennial said that figure was unsustainable. “The record does not support $1,500,000 in gambling losses,” the bank wrote. Because there are no records available to confirm.”

It is not clear whether the bank believes gambling losses will exceed or be less than $1.5 million, but the motion and deposit will focus on gambling partly issues.

Ghekas asked Kane about using four 2017 loans from Thrivest Specialty, in accordance with the attorney’s declaration. After Kane said he could not remember just what loan was for, Gekus said: could you observe that “

“Yes,” Kane replied.

“And that is Vinnie?”NHL“He’s a bookie, but that is not his real name. It is simply a reputation which was used…that was the name I familiar with identify him.”

“So, have you got any records to give cerdibility to that which you owed to Vinnie?”

Kane replied no.the alleged debt he owes herDuring Kane’s divorce year that is last his now ex-wife, Anna Kane, revealed that her husband

game. It was denied by him, and an NHL investigation cleared him for the charges. but no reference to hockey.

Kane Has admitted in court proceedings that a gambling is had by him problem, and for his part sees Centennial’s allegations as red herrings designed to embarrass him. the debtor violated the bankruptcy law’s requirement to have material records as part of the Chapter 7 process because it did not have records supporting its losses or gains.

Kane has successfully defended the bankruptcy petition to this point, winning a judgment from the court and bank that is rejecting efforts to impede the method. The court largely halted the method earlier this season to arrange for a few adversarial lawsuits similar to your trial, including Centennial’s.A set of banks are attempting to convert your situation into a chapter that is separate commercial law, and ladies are suing Kane (*) in order to get an abortion.(*)Kane’s attorney wrote in a message which he would adhere to the lender’s argument in the event the judge scheduled a hearing.(*)(Photo: Derek Leon/Getty Images)(*)

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