Is Credit Strong Worth It?

Credit Strong Offer credit builder loanThese “loans” will likely not let you buy things. In reality, you shall not receive any money until you close your account. The principal portion of the payment will be trustAs at that point the name suggests, their account purpose is

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Signing up for just one adds installment loans to all the three credit history, provides you with the opportunity to make timely payments, and establishes a payment that is solid.

Strong Points

Effective in building trust

Wide range of account options


Expensive compared to secure credit cardsCredit Strong is legit and you can definitely improve your score if you use those accounts correctly.

It is especially effective if your credit profile has no installment obligations.

And with so options that are many pick from, you are able to prioritize what counts most for you (for example. Lowest monthly payment, loan amount that is highest, etc.).

However, it’s not the cheapest way to increase your score, as you have to pay interest and fees for perks.

A secure credit card is a cheaper option, but you can choose between a secure card and a credit builder loan .
  • What is creditworthiness?
  • Credit if you want both revolving credit and installment credit on your record, you’ll get a better credit mix Strong’s main objective would be to build credit in addition they do a fairly job that is good. They claimed to have studied 50,000 customer accounts and found that people, on average, had the following changes in their FICO score of 8:
  • 25 points up in 3 months

    About 40 points increase after 9 months(you won’t reach the 70 points increase after a year.๐Ÿ‘‰*)If you make all your payments on time, those who started the method without any score and paid on time for a ended up with a credit score between 630 and 650.

    These are solid results, but not irreproducible year. A installment that is traditional he could stay with for per year and most likely obtain the same or greater outcomes.

    The advantageous asset of Credit Strong is the fact that it’s not hard to be eligible for a merchant account. They do not even have to look at your score simply because they keep your loan proceeds as collateral till the final end.

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    Credit Strong claims it also saves you money that it not only helps build credit, but. That is true in a real way, but only in that you promise to set aside a portion of your salary when you sign up for Credit Strong’s monthly payments.

    When you pay off your account, you get back a portion of the monthly payments used to pay the principal off of the loan.

    โš ๏ธ

    You may actually save far more money any time you invest in putting the amount that is same your savings account every month, so don’t use Credit Strong as a way to save money.

    How does creditworthiness work?

    • A good credit account works like a loan with reverse installments. Instead of receiving the loan proceeds upfront, you receive them at the final end once you pay back the total amount. Through that time, we’re going to make installments that are monthly principal and interest.
    • Learn more about how Credit Strong works.
    • How to sign up for CreditStrong
    • Signing up for Credit Strong is much easier than signing up for a installment account that is traditional. They do not pull your credit file or look at your credit score, therefore, the only requirements in order to get a merchant account depending on the website are:

    Have a number that is mobile Google Voice account, and email address

    Be 18 years of age and a permanent U.S. resident with a physical U.S. addresscredible websiteHave a valid social security number or individual taxpayer number

    Trust Start building strong trust

    Your checking account, debit card, or prepaid card is in good standing

    โ˜๏ธ Credit Strong is available in all states except Wisconsin and Vermont. These states have laws that prohibit consumer that is safe or are way too costly to enforce.

    You can sign up by filling in the application form form. checking account.

    How to utilize Credit StrongAs long since your Credit Strong account is open, you will be making payments when you would any debt that is installment. The amount is applied to both principal and interest, with more in the years that are early placed on could make your payment

    or debit cards, including some cards that are prepaid. It is better to use a bank account as there are often fees when paying with a card.



    You can set up payments that are automatic you never miss a payment. Otherwise, a delay shall be reported and a fee will be charged after a grace period of 14 days.

    When you make a payment, Credit Strong reports to all three credit that is major (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). Transunion FICO 8 scores are supplied monthly so you’re able to monitor how you’re progressing.How to cancel Credit StrongOne for the main benefits of credit builder loans like Credit Strong is you can usually cancel your bank account whenever you want. This greatly decreases the danger of lower scores as a result of inability to cover.

    There are not any fees to cancel and any principal accumulated up compared to that true point will be returned. The way that is easiest to tell Credit Strong that you don’t need to proceed would be to call Customer Support at (833) 850-0850.


    • Important note regarding cancellation: you will get back the money that was applied to the principal of the loan if you cancel the loan. In the early stages of repayment, CreditStrong applies most of the payment to interest. You may only get back a small portion of the amount you put in if you cancel early. Creditworthy pricing
    • Credit Strong offers three forms of accounts, each targeted at a audience that is different. Each category has at least two options. they are:build
    • accountPrioritize lower monthly paymentsBuilding business trust

    build and saveCredit Builder Loan Cost Account with the shortest repayment period


    Lowest APR and highest principal account to help users prepare

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    ๐Ÿ’ก If the table above is confusing, be sure to read the article that is following.

    become acquainted with the terms and view how all these factors affect how much cash you get paying.

    No repayment terms are mandatory as you are able to always elect to prepay your balance or outright cancel your account. Canceling reduces the impact your account has on your credit by reducing the true wide range of timely payments you make.

    Your account will continue to be on your own credit file after it’s paid down, but the effect on your credit rating will likely be greatest while your bank account is active.Trusted Customer ReviewsLike many credit-related services and products, Credit Strong receives customer that is mixed. Crowdsourced reviews often contain fake profiles, and angry people are more likely to leave comments, making it difficult to find their average that is exact rating

    However, there are trends that are notable.

    Confused Credit Strong Customer Reviews

    ๐Ÿ‘‡For example,

    Many of the reviews that are negative as a result of confusion exactly how accounts work

    Upset Credits Strong Customer Reviews

    Of course, those that sign up expecting an installment plan will likely be terribly disappointed.

    Here’s An example from Google Reviews:

    Similarly, people often overlook the chart of amortization, which breaks down the account interest and principal. They canceled early and are surprised most of the money is not returned.

    Below is an example from the Better Business Bureau.

    There have been some complaints from people who find it difficult to log into their accounts or find customer service representatives unhelpful. I am satisfied with

    Here’s another example from Google: The lesson from these reviews is simple. You are less likely to be disappointed if you understand the product before signing up. Strong alternative credibility
    There is no shortage of credit builder loans available on the market. Each of them follow similar patterns. It is possible to apply without a credit check. Once approved, make payments till the balance that is principal paid off. Once the principal has been paid off, the amount shall be returned in cash. However, you will find variations in terminology. Here is an introduction to additional options: self money lion
    Digital Federal Credit Union Minimum monthly payment $25 $43 plus $19.99 monthly fee
    $43.87 per $1,000 principal principal amount $600 to $1,800 $500 to $1,000
    $500 to $3,000 Maximum repayment period 24 months 12 months
    24 months annual rate 15.91% to 15.97% 5.99% to 29.99%
    learn more learn more learn more


    One-time administration fee$9Detailed comparison of the best credit builder loansnone


    Before making an application for a credit building account, make certain it was reported to all the three credit agencies. Some goods are not.Rebuild your damaged credit scorelearn more:

    read us improve your credit on the market to find out how your creditworthiness is evaluated.

    Are the credits worth every penny?

    Credit Strong can really help you legally

    Or create from scratch. It really works best for those who have a credit that is low with few or no installment loans.

    If you’re starting to build credit, you may have credit that is revolving your record, for example a secured card or becoming a certified user of somebody else’s card. Without having an installment loan on record (such as for example a student-based loan or auto loan), a credit builder loan is an option that is effective.


    โ˜๏ธ the problem that is main Credit Strong is special to credit builder loans as a whole. You might be spending money on the privilege of creating credit.

    Let’s say you will get a $15 build credit account that is strong have it open for a year. After 12 months, you’ll be crediting $180 to your account, but you to build credit without paying interest if you cancel at that point, you’ll only get $52 back.(*)Using a secure credit card instead allows. Without an installment account, your credit mix will not diversify, nonetheless it must certanly be good at boosting your score as time passes. Your payment history is much more important to your credit rating than your credit mix.(*)The downside of a card that is secure that you have to fund a deposit (which locks up some money) and undergo a credit check. Nor do you have the luxury of canceling your account for free you will be late on your payments.(*)However if you think, you can aquire a card that is secure a minimum deposit of $200. With cash collateral, you can easily even get it in the event your credit history is low. Once an account is had by you, you can pay as much as you need to build your credit risk-free.(*)If you decide that a credit builder loan is the move that is right you, Credit Strong offers a rather useful product worthwhile considering. whether or not* that is(

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