Maxed Out Your 401(k): Now What?

(you’re doing way better than the vast majority of workers*)If you’ve been maxing out your employer-sponsored 401(k) plan, a Solo 401(k), or any other tax-advantaged retirement plan. After all, the* that is( is absolutely paltry with many workers beneath the ages of 35average retirement savings by age having barely $6,000 in savings.By contrast, individuals saving for retirement could contribute as much as $19,500 to a k that is 401( plan in 2021, which was increased to $20,500 for 2022.

Meanwhile, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs could save up to $58,000 in a solo k that is 401( in 2021, including both the employer therefore the employee contribution. Amazingly, this maximum was risen up to $61,000 for 2022.

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Not only that, nevertheless these maximums don’t include the” that is“catch-up those ages 50 and older can save. In 2022, catch-up contributions let individuals save another $6,500 in either of these accounts!

If you’ve maxed out your 401k or retirement account, you probably feel like you’ve made it. But, what do you do to grow wealth

after you’ve maxed out your 401(k)? Recently, a reader named Luke submitted this question to my podcast. You can listen to the podcast here if you want to hear my complete answer to his question,. 

Also, go ahead and submit your questions that are own my contact page!

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9 Financial techniques for a Maxed Out 401(k)

Believe it or perhaps not, this scenario is pretty frequent among high earners and super savers. Sometimes you will do everything right and max out your 401(k), and also you continue to have money left up to invest.

What should you will do in this situation? I’m going to split down nine strategies that are different consider after you’ve maxed out your 401(k). Just keep in mind that some of these strategies may work better for some than others and that your best options depend on your situation. 

#1: Pay Off High-Interest Debt(you plan to this year, your next step is taking a closer look at all the debts you have*)If you have already maxed out your 401k or retirement account or. This may involve debt like car payments and college loans needless to say, but I’m mostly referring to any debt that is high-interest have, such as credit card debt.

While there is so focus that is much investing to create wealth, people don’t recognize that paying down debt is generally in the same way helpful. In the end, the credit that is average interest rate is currently well over 16%, and that’s a much better return than you’ll get with most investments. 

By paying off credit card debt, you are essentially getting the equivalent of your credit card’s APR on your investment. In the meantime, paying off debt can help you simplify your financial life and sleep better at night, so why not?(you can move on to options like your student loans and your car loan*)After you pay off any high-interest or unsecured debt. As the interest levels on these debts are likely less than you’re paying on bank cards, you will want to still just be sure to wipe these debts from your life. In the end, both auto loans and college loans can possibly prevent you against getting the place you would you like to even be if these debts feel “normal.”

Believe it or not, you do not need to have an auto loan!

And when it comes to student loans, it’s easy to fall into a state where you have D.D.S. or

Debt Denial Syndrome

. Day this happens all the time with student loans because borrowers convince themselves they’ll “out earn” their loans one. Maybe you’re at school to get a health care professional or legal counsel, and you believe the total amount of student debt you really have does not matter this is why. Which can be true, but student debt could still stop you from achieving life that is different you don’t even know you want. For example, student debt could prevent you from starting your open business or embarking on a path that is new. 

Believe me — I’ve come across this occur to a huge selection of people over time!

Next up will be your mortgage, and is more controversial. While many believe you must never pay your mortgage off due to today’s low-interest rates, I think it can make sense to prepay the mortgage on your forever home. My wife and I are doing exactly that, mostly because we don’t want to spend the next 30 years or our lives mortgage that is making. 


does make a lot n’t of sense on paper, the strategy we’re using is going to save us more than $450,000 in mortgage interest. That’s some cash that is serious! If you’re curious why we’re paying down our home and exactly how saving that is we’re much, make sure to check out Episode 114 on my podcast. prepaying a low-interest mortgageDebt relief won’t fix all your debt problems, but can be a option that is good some consumers.

If your debt $15,000 or higher in financial trouble, a Debt Relief Program will allow you to reduce the amount you owe and come up with managing your debt easier.

#2: Open an IRA

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If you’re debt-free or perhaps pleased with the quantity and kinds of debt you have got, you can look at this step that is next you’ve maxed out your 401k.

With a IRA that is traditional or Roth IRA, there is the possible opportunity to save additional funds for the future retirement. However, this program is generally tricky since earning way too much can possibly prevent you against maximizing this program. 

First off, you have to know that eligible savers can

in 2022. However, the tax therapy of your savings is determined by the kind of account you decide on, your earnings, and potentially even whether a retirement is had by you plan through work.contribute up to $6,000 to a traditional IRA or a Roth IRALet’s start with the Roth IRA, which is one of my favorite investment accounts of all time. With the Roth IRA, you make contributions with after-tax dollars and your money is able to grow tax-free over time.

The best part?

You can take distributions from a Roth IRA during retirement

without paying income taxes them upfront since you paid. The Roth IRA even allows you to withdraw your contributions (but

not earnings) before age 59 ½ with no penalties, which is the reason why many individuals make use of this account to truly save for college and various other goals that are financial. Unfortunately, Roth IRAs come with phase-out limits that limit who can contribute and how much. For 2022, phase-out limits are as follows: 

Single taxpayers and heads of household: $129,000 to $144,000 

  • Married, filing jointly: $204,000 to $214,000
  • Married, filing separately: $0 to $10,000 
  • Next up is the traditional IRA, which lets your money grow on a basis that is tax-advantaged. The deductibility of your contributions depends on a range of factors including your income.

    For while anyone with earned income can contribute to a traditional IRA 2022, phase-out limits for traditional IRAs are as follows:

    • Single taxpayers covered by a workplace retirement plan: $68,000 to $78,000 
    • Married couples filing jointly when the spouse making the IRA contribution is covered by a workplace retirement plan: $109,000 to $129,000
    • A taxpayer not covered by a workplace retirement plan married to someone who’s covered is making the contribution: $204,000 to $214,000 – 
    • $0 to $10,000 – Married filing a return that is separate included in a workplace retirement plan: $0 to $10,000.

    Not to manufacture things too complicated, but there’s another option here that could be more exciting. By leading to a conventional IRA and making it a Roth IRA, you’re executing what exactly is called a Roth IRA conversion or a Roth that is backdoor IRA. A lot of people don’t even know this option exists, but it’s completely legal for now.

    The backdoor Roth IRA will make sense for high earners who can’t subscribe to a Roth otherwise. They contribute to a traditional IRA, converting to a Roth comes with long-term tax advantages while they won’t get a tax deduction when. ({*)If you want to know more about the backdoor Roth, make sure to watch my

    !YouTube video on Roth IRA secretsBefore you consider a backdoor Roth IRA, you should consult with a tax professional to see if it makes good financial sense for you|if it makes good financial sense for you*)If you want to know more about the backdoor Roth, make sure to watch my


    Before you consider a backdoor Roth IRA, you should consult with a tax professional to see}. 

    Make your retirement plan work you to save money for retirement, while providing the flexibility that traditional retirement plans lack for you by investing in a Roth IRA.

    Roth IRAs allow. Click below to learn more.

    #3: Open a ongoing health bank account (HSA)

    Option number 3 after maxing out your 401k will be the Health bank account, or HSA. This sort of account is obtainable for many who have a top health that is deductible, or HDHP.

    In 2022, an HDHP can include any health insurance plan with a minimum deductible of $1,400 for an individual and $2,800 for a family, as well as a yearly amount that is out-of-pocket is at the most $7,050 for folks and $14,100 for families.

    Health Savings Plan

    The awesome fact about HSAs is the fact that you can get a tax credit for the contributions as much as specific limits that are annual year. In 2022, these limits are set at $3,650 for individuals and $7,300 for families.

    Not only that, but your HSA funds can grow tax-free, and you can use them for eligible healthcare expenses without paying any taxes. 

    Some HSA administrators even let you invest your funds so they can grow and compound for the term that is long. As an example, Fidelity has an HSA that lets you invest your HSA funds into Fidelity ETFs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and much more.

    Another solution to check out could be the Lively HSA, which is sold with updated features like its very own app that is mobile. Lively HSAs are popular because there are no hidden fees and there is no cash that is minimum to get going. Lively also allows you to invest your funds through a account that is self-directed is run through TD Ameritrade. You also get a debit that is lively, to help you easily pay medical bills right from your bank account.

    Expert TipThe Neighborhood Finance Guy: will you love the 3 options I shared already? You could do all three.

    Lawrence Delva-Gonzalez CFE, that is also referred to as

    , says this tip might help the typical household that is american millionaire status in less than 20 years.

    “Like a lot of people, I didn’t know that I could use all three at the same time,” said Delva-Gonzalez. “Even a person that is single invest as much as $30,150 in tax-advantaged accounts which include $20,500 in a 401k, 403b and 467b, $6,000 in a conventional or Roth IRA, and $3,650 in a Health bank account. This can mean as much as $60,300.”

    #4 for families with dual earners Invest in a Taxable Investment AccountM1 FinanceNext up, you should absolutely consider investing in a brokerage account that is taxable. This Choice makes sense you can access before the standard retirement age of 59 ½ because you get the chance to build wealth. Plus, any true amount of online brokerage accounts will allow you to get going.

    You also can elect to spend money on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, ETFs, and more or less any other kind of investment you’re enthusiastic about when you’ve maxed out your 401k.invest in dividend stocksSome brokerage firms even offer tailored portfolios you’ll be able to select from according to your investment timeline and goals. As an example,

    offers investment “pies” that enable you to invest without difficulty without picking individual stocks. 

    You may also use a brokerage account to The College Investor, and that is certainly one of the best approaches for building a income that is passive

    Either way, a brokerage account lets you invest for the future all on your own terms, and it can be a great tool that is financial you’re wishing to retire early.

    Plenty of experts within the field agree, including Robert Farrington from

    .Series I Savings Bonds“After your 401(k), taxable investing in a brokerage is a good strategy to use. You can’t beat capital that is long-term rates (which are low), and qualified dividends (which are also very low),” notes Farrington. 

    , for example, the current return is 7.12%|The current return is 7.12% with

    , for example}. 

    Start Investing

    My next choice after maxing out my 401k, Roth IRA, and HSA is I-Bonds. I will defer taxes on another 20k/year (i will be married) in I-Bonds

    — Wayne Riley (@wriley4409) (with their vast knowledge, so you can wisely invest your hard-earned dollars*)If you are a beginner stock trader or investor, choosing the right stockbroker is super important

    Online Stockbrokers like Robinhood will guide you. Don’t give it a thought that is second click below.

    #5: Check out Crypto Savings Accounts

    Another investment option is needed whenever you actually have some crypto in your portfolio. With a crypto checking account from a business enterprise like , you can get the opportunity to store your crypto assets and earn a return that is really awesome the way.voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcyFor example, I have a USD coin that is stable is currently earning 8.5%. And also for those who need to head out and buy other cryptocurrencies, they even can pay a yield on any crypto which you hold with these people. 

    Here’s a screenshot that presents just how much interest my Celsius account earns each month:


    Blockfi interest paid

    On July 13, 2022, Celsius Network and certain of the affiliates filed for 


    With the BlockFi Interest Account, in contrast, you can generate as much as 9.25% APY on no minimum balance requirement to your crypto and no hidden fees.Bitcoin is Hard podcastDon’t believe me? Check out how interest that is much earned with my BlockFi Interest Account. During this true point, it’s more than $7,000!

    says his retirement account lets him invest in Bitcoin:

    lol should say this is for

    Start Investing in Crypto

    ‘s job, my job 401k the options are actually awesome cause i have bitcoin option but 99.9% of 401k’s dont have good options

    — Brian Harrington (@BrainHarrington)

    Create your cryptocurrency portfolio todayPublic has a variety of features that make it the place that is best to begin trading. Start investing today!Offer valid for U.S. residents 18+ and subject to account approval. There could be other fees connected with trading. See I hate whole life insurance#6: Buy Cash Value Life Insurance

    The sixth option I’m likely to recommend is cash value term life insurance, but this program

    is not

    right for all. In reality, We have a video that is whole


    Despite what your local Northwestern Mutual life insurance salesman tells you, cash value life insurance only makes sense for people in very specific circumstances. 

    If you have maxed out your 401(k) and taken other steps like opening a Roth IRA and an HSA, for example, cash value life insurance can help you stash away more of your assets in a way that is tax-advantaged, there are some items you should be aware. First, the “dividend” these policies pay is a dividend that is net not a gross dividend, so the dividend only comes into play after you cover the cost of your life insurance and fees.

    See An Estimate

    And of course, cash value life insurance does come with some pretty fees that are hefty many of which go directly to the salesperson who gets you to definitely buy this kind of policy.consider an annuityHowever, these policies will pay off in time ever since the dividend yield will start moving more eventually in your direction and away from the life insurance component of your policy. You can also borrow against the cash value of your policy, and your heirs are guaranteed a death benefit no matter how long you live.

    With a Life Insurance policy you can take care of your family the way that is right anything occur to you, it is in addition crucial to leave your family an economic nest egg for his or her wellbeing. Click below to obtain a quote that is freeNumber seven is another investment option that only makes sense in specific situations. You can in some situations, particularly if you want to secure another income stream for retirement after maxing out your 401k.why you should never invest in a variable annuity#7: Consider an Annuity

    However, I want to point out that I would


    avoid variable annuities, which come with super high costs and all kinds of volatility. That you should only invest money that is absolutely earmarked for retirement if you want to know more, I did a whole video on 5 real-life scenarios where annuities make sense.

    Either way, the first thing you should know about annuities is. That’s because, after you spend money on an annuity, you’re getting growth that is tax-deferred like you would with a 401(k).

    This means you can’t access this money until age 59 ½ without paying surrender charges, tax penalties, or both. Until you’re almost in your 60’s at the earliest.

    Also if you choose to invest in an annuity, it should be with money you won’t need, remember that you will find all sorts of annuities available to you. This may involve the annuity that is fixed which is probably the most attractive option out there. With a annuity that is fixed you earn a set return that won’t change in time. 

    Then you will find indexed annuities, which promise returns which happen to be according to a index that is specific as the S&P 500. However, there are always fees involved in these types of accounts, so you have to read the print that is fine

    If you’re curious whether an annuity can perhaps work for your needs, be sure to find out about the

    #8: Start a New Business

    Open an Account Today

    Another option is if you’re looking for a change, and if you have some free time to invest one you should consider. After all, having cash that is extran’t sufficient to get a small business installed and operating. Be sure to pour yourself into having your business up and running, that may take months or years. It’s you’ll that is possible able to outsource most tasks and have your business running on its own after a while, but it takes time to get there. 

    Either way, your new business could be almost anything. You could invest into rental property and try to build income that is passive way, or you might start a workout company, a T-shirt business, or a carpet cleaning firm.

    What kinds of business should you set about? If you’re trying to find a few ideas, check these posts out from yours truly.

    Open a Business Checking Account that works for you

    Run your business on your own terms. Click below to open an account.

    #9: Live a Little (YOLO)

    Finally, let’s not forget that full life is not exactly about money. You can always stop and smell the roses for a while.Mental after you’ve maxed out your 401(k) and made other smart financial moves health! Went on a 1 Jose Pagalan (@702_forex) (*)Don’t you love how this guy took a year off in Maui for his mental health year? Even for yourself makes a lot of sense though i’m a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), I still think taking some time. Why? Because YOLO! In other words, you only live once.(*)No matter how much we hate to hear it, we all know we can’t take our money to the grave. And since none of us know how we’re that is long to live on, it definitely is reasonable to blow cash on experiences we actually wish to have before we die. (*)Is there a secondary which you’ve always desired to plan? Or, will there be something yourself permission to do?(*)If you’re waiting for the right time, you should know that there is never a “right” time to splurge on experiences that you haven’t given. It’s the same with having kids. It, you’ll spend your entire life missing out if you wait for the right time to do. Then, at some true point, it’s too late.(*)If you’re maxing out your 401(k) and financially solid otherwise, don’t forget the reason you’re working hard in the place that is first. (*)You need to take it easy.(*) (*)You need to feel secure in retirement and I also keep in mind that, however you should not sacrifice everything on the journey to obtain there. You have been given, you could live to regret it.(* if you focus too much on retirement and not enough on enjoying this gift of life)

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