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This is a question I get asked often but there are a couple of things you need to do before you do anything else. First, it is important to spend some time understanding what information you need, because there are some details that come up in the quote that you may not be aware of. For example, if you have an accident, depending on the type and value of the damage, your insurance company will use different data to determine how much coverage to pay for. Second, it’s important that you know exactly where your policy starts and ends in terms of what insurance covers. Some states require that your policy start with a certain amount of money (and some don’t) and in order to go above or below those limits the policy will require additional information from your driver.

So before we get started here are some general questions to ask yourself:

  • How much liability coverage am I purchasing?
  • What kind of auto insurance am I buying? (if it is a second-hand vehicle)
  • What kind of liability coverage am I buying? (if it is a new vehicle)
  • Do they cover damage done in accidents? If so, what kind of damage do they cover?
  • How quickly can I get written notice if something goes wrong with my car? (for example: missing parts from delivery/repair shop etc.)
  • Who do i need to contact if something goes wrong with my car? (including any other numbers on my policy) and who do i want me to contact if something goes wrong with my car? (in case i call 911)- eg. “911” vs “phone number” vs “email address” etc.)

To help you get started here are links:

Make sure everyone involved in your auto-insurance quote understands why they have been asked for this information – even if they haven’t asked for all this info yet! This information can also save time down the road when dealing with multiple potential problems and offers a degree of protection against litigation – or lack thereof. This is just one small example showing how understanding this info can help when dealing with potentially problematic situations – or changes in circumstances which might change the way things are done after the fact! In addition, keep this info in mind when updating policies as well! All these things should be considered when finalizing quotes and policy forms – especially since many policies allow for more complex pricing structures

What is an auto insurance quote?

An auto insurance quote is a request for a quote for the cost of insuring your vehicle. This is usually done by you or a financial institution and it is usually sent to your insurance company for processing.

In order to get an auto insurance quote, you will need some information from you. Typically this information is either:

  • The make and model of the vehicle;
  • Your vehicle’s license plate number;
  • Your driver’s license number;
  • A description of the vehicle (such as color, height, wheel size, etc.) and your state of residence.

A few other things are also required in order to get an auto insurance quote:

  • Clean driving record (for example, if you have a DUI) but not necessarily for all years;
  • You are required to carry liability insurance as well as collision coverage; and
  • You must submit proof of identity (e.g., your driver’s license or passport)

How to get an auto insurance quote

How to get an auto insurance quote?

There are so many things that can go wrong with an auto insurance quote. If you are looking to get a cheap quote, you’re in the right place. There is a lot of misinformation out there and not much accurate information available to help you decide what you need to do, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The best thing you can do is get your questions answered (or at least a good idea of what they are) and then use some common sense.

Why is it so hard to get an auto insurance quote?

Insurance is complicated. If there were only one thing we could do for our customers, we would do it for free – which would be great, but that doesn’t work very well at all when there are so many different things competing for your time and money. In order to find that one thing we can do for our customers, we have to make sure they understand all the different options they have when it comes time to buy insurance (and if they aren’t sure what they need, we can help).

Here is a list of things that put us at a disadvantage when trying to find the most affordable quote:

  • Poor communication between us and our clients about the various quotes available
  • The fact that some companies only offer quotes via phone or email, which makes it harder for us to reach out (and even worse, makes them more difficult for our clients)
  • Lack of knowledge about what kind of coverage each company offers – this means two things: It means no one knows how much coverage each company offers until after they pay their premium; and It means no one knows how much coverage each company offers until after they make their first claim
  • Insurance companies being unwilling or unable – or just plain uninterested – in talking about their business prospects with us directly; instead using intermediaries who might be less knowledgeable than them (in fact, some agencies might even try hard not to offer quotes directly because they know they may lose business if we win!)

So here’s what you should do: Get someone else involved! We don’t want anyone else taking your business away from you by screwing up your pricing or quoting badly. If someone else is going through all this trouble on your behalf and making all this trouble in trying to sell something no one really wants… then maybe you should start asking them

The benefits of an auto insurance quote

If, like most people, you have wondered what information a car insurance quote should contain, here are seven things which may come to mind:

  1. The age of the vehicle should be written somewhere (in the title)
  2. The make and model of the vehicle should be specified (again, in the title)
  3. The driver’s name – or if it is not specified, your last name should be included (again, in the title)
  4. Your driving record – or if it is not specified, your licence number should be included (again, in the title)
  5. Details about your driving history – or if it is not specified, your driving record number should be included (again, in the title)


Auto insurance quote is one of the most important aspects of your car insurance. You need to have it done as early as possible. Otherwise you might end up in a situation where you are paying more than you should be. The reason is that if the quote is wrong, then you have an obligation to pay as much as possible.

Yes, you might ask, how can I get an auto insurance quote that includes all the questions asked by me? Well, there are many ways of getting an auto insurance quote and I’m not going to cover them all here; but I will show you some examples:

  • Call a company directly – most companies use online systems for auto insurance quoting; so if you want auto insurance quotes from one person or another, go directly and ask for them in person.
  • Search through their website – this is where I often get my quotes from. If they don’t give it to me straight away, check out their website and see what kind of information they’re asking for.
  • Ask them verbally – if they give you a set schedule (not at all uncommon), ask about that too! Sometimes the same question can be answered differently depending on whether it’s being done verbally or written down. It may also be covered under your contract if so.
  • Get the quotes emailed – this is something that almost everyone does nowadays! So why not just do it? There are two reasons: (1) because email is less likely to get lost in the mail; and (2) because it saves time and reduces errors in processing the quotes!

If we look at each step individually, then we should be able to conclude that: (1) You will want to get your quotes online; (2) You need quotes emailed; and (3) The best way is by doing it yourself over email! That means: Do your own auto insurance quote online!


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