Your guide to buying winter tires in Canada

The winter tires you are considering may come with factory studs installed or may have a “studable” design that allows metal studs to be added prior to installation. Some experts report that the use of studded tires is declining, but they are still popular in some certain areas, especially where ice is normal in winter driving.

After nearly twenty years of testing winter tires in northern Ontario, I made the decision to put winter that is studless on my car. Considering where and how you drive, I doubt the cost that is extra noise of studs his tires are really worth the benefits. Your outcomes can vary.

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How Much are winter tires?

Winter tire prices vary greatly depending on tire brand, performance level, tire application and size. The bigger the wheels on your car, the bigger the tires, and the more winter that is expensive cost. Please be certain to set up winter tires in sets of four. A set of low-end winter tires can cost $500 and a mid-range set can run $700-$800 if you drive a small car. High-end winter tires from the most popular brands can cost closer to $900 or $1,000, but tire manufacturers that are most offer many different winter tire options across a variety of price points.

If you drive a pickup or SUV, or a performance that is high or coupé, and need more specialized winter tires, the price can easily double. Gist? If you drive a car that is small crossover, propose to spend around $800 or $900 on a couple of quality winter tires. The amount is well over $1,000.

Be if you buy a top-line tire or a larger size tire careful when choosing winter that is low-priced. Some brands offer cheaper winter tire options which happen to be imitations of more tires that are popular. These may not utilize the tread that is same and engineering present in more costly alternatives.You get everything you pay money for, so buyer beware.ok tire jaeger ridgeNot sure simply how much to invest? Listed here is my best recommendation: Any time you steer clear of the winter tire options that are cheapest and stick to reputable brands, switching from all-season tires to reputable winter tires will make a much bigger difference in winter traction. than switching from a $150 winter tire to a $200 winter tire.

“We have tires for every budget,” he says. in Edmonton. “That said, first-time shoppers looking for a set of 225/65R17 size tires should plan on spending $900 to $1,200 on tires from a reputable, quality brand. For example, the Toyo Observe GSI6 and G3 ICE models are the most popular in Edmonton.”

Knowing how much it costs to buy winter tires, how much can you save? All-season tires are used by some drivers year-round to avoid spending money on specialized winter tires, All-season tires should always be replaced every 3-5 years. “The most tire that is popular sold in Canada is he 225/65R17, which ranges from $625 to $810 for all-season tires,” said Martin Jenn, general manager of the tire retailer. Delon says. insurance discount.

Using winter tires and changing them every spring can double the life of your all-season set. Additionally, having dedicated winter tires can ultimately avoid the cost of cold weather driving accidents due to poor tire performance, including increased insurance premiums.Speaking of which, if you’re wearing winter tires

— let the provider know you are using them.

When is the best time to buy winter tires?

According to Darichuk, “The best time to buy winter tires is in the fall, when tire manufacturers that are most have promotions. Varies between $100. Starts 15th through mid-December.”(*)Don’t september wait until the snow that is first buy tires. Darichuk recommends switching to winter tires when temperatures consistently drop below 7 degrees Celsius. “British Columbia and Quebec would be the provinces that are only have mandatory winter tire laws, but other provinces encourage them and even offer incentives,” she said. increase. “Winter weather can come unexpectedly, but you don’t want it too late. Book ahead to avoid waits that are long. OK Tires offers tire storage that is convenient. It’s a option that is great spending less and receiving the best from your tires while keeping them in great condition.”(*)

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